Delivery and Collection Times

We ask that you deliver boarders to us in the afternoon on the day of arrival and collect them in the morning of the day of their departure. However, this may not always be convenient for you and we can certainly be flexible providing we know in advance. This is very important, as for instance, an animal arriving in the morning must have a kennel to go into, which entails us keeping one free from the night before. Similarly, if an animal is to stay in it's kennel until the afternoon, we do not want to book that kennel out or we will have two pets and only one 'bedroom'! Of course we understand that the vagaries of modern travel may mean that unexpected delays occur and we promise to take good care of any pets forced to overstay their planned holidays.

We are open from 9.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Saturday and are closed on Sundays. However, we do allow collections and delivery of animals at either 9am or 4pm on Sundays. Please do respect our day off and be punctual if you take advantage of this service.

Occasionally an animal does not settle during its stay and you may notice behavioural problems on their return home. If this should be the case we would appreciate being told so that we can be aware for the future. Dogs may also bark more than normal during their stay here, which can lead to a sore throat. This is not 'kennel cough' (which is actually infectious bronchitis) and a few doses of Benylin or Pholcodeine will usually effect a cure.

Articles about animal boarding invariably recommend that you settle your pet into the kennel. Experience has shown us that this has a very detrimental effect with dogs particularly, who may then spend the rest of their visit looking at the door through which their owners left. We want our boarders to be happy with us and not to pine, to associate us with a happy holiday and to associate you with a happy home. We are therefore pleased to show you the kennel your dog will go into, but prefer to take him through ourselves. For this reason we also discourage visits from family or friends; we have seen animals become confused and fretful when this happens. Please feel free to telephone whilst you are away however - we do understand how difficult it can be to be parted from a much loved pet.