We are licenced by the local authority and inspected at least once a year. A requirement of the licence is that all animals boarded with us must be up to date  with their annual inoculations, so we need to retain your pet's vaccination card during their stay, and to be aware of the date of their last worming. 

The vexed question of Intrac also arises. This is the protection available for dogs from your vet in the form of a nasal spray against Infectious Bronchitis (kennel cough). We do not insist on such treatment but strongly recommend it, as an outbreak in the kennel would be very traumatic for all our boarders. Vaccination against Bordatella Bronchiseptica which is the main cause of Infectious Bronchitis is therefore advantageous. Your dog will be coming into contact with many others and this highly contagious disease of the respiratory tract is very unpleasant. Infected dogs have a harsh dry cough that can last for several weeks. the infection is airborne, so spreads very rapidly where dogs are gathered together, whether in kennels, training classes or in the park!



Naturally, we expect your pet to be free of fleas when they arrive. Our daily cleansing routine ensures that fleas cannot breed in the kennels, but this will not necessarily prevent infestation continuing in the fur. Please tell us if you have reason to suspect that there may be fleas lurking.


Veterinary Treatment

Your pet may require veterinary treatment whilst with us. If this should be the case, we try to take them to their own vet. If this is not possible, then we call in the Shield Practice who have branches in Bishops Waltham and Hedge End. Mr Frere-Cook and his excellent staff are available if necessary for call out 24 hours a day, which we have very much appreciated in the past. Should treatment be necessary, we pay the fee and ask that you reimburse us when paying for the boarding.



We are happy to administer medication either orally or by injection, but we do need clear, written instructions. We appreciate being told of any conditions which requires occasional treatment, as a different environment sometimes engender an onset. We are also happy to cope with diabetics.